No sex please, just Harry Potter

CLSA will tone down its raunchy image for this year''s Xmas party.

Legendary party-animals, CLSA will steer a new direction this year with its Hong Kong Christmas party.

Last year, the fun-loving brokerage held a bachanalian bonanza at the Peak Cafe, complete with scantily clad Roman babes, men in togas and gladiators. Massive goblets of lust-inducing red wine complemented this Roman party.

Then in May, CLSA hosted the Seven Deadly Sins party. Needless to say this featured a lady wearing a metal suit who attacked her own crotch with a chainsaw.

But, in the light of recent events, sex is out and 'family' is in. That is the new message.

So this Christmas its party will have a Harry Potter theme, and only people with families will be invited. The bank will also sponsor the premieres of the movie in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Presumably the Potter party will be characterised by mince pies and cups of cocoa. Which means it should definitely save on the alcohol budget.

This is all well and good, but we recommend that CLSA goes on a course of Viagra and returns to its normal raunchy self ASAP.

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