Munesh Khanna resigns from DSP Merrill Lynch

The investment bank's franchise in India experiences its second senior departure in a fortnight.
Munesh Khanna, head of investment banking for DSP Merrill Lynch has resigned, leaving the franchise without a head.

Khanna joined DSP Merrill Lynch in July as managing director. At the time, he shared the responsibility of heading investment banking with Amit Chandra, the highly regarded DSP Merrill Lynch veteran. Khanna reported to the newly appointed vice chairman of DSP Merrill Lynch, Patricia McLaughlin, who is based in HK. He was hired as part of MLÆs increased focus on its India operations, pursuant to a hike in stake in the Indian company to 90% in December 2005. It was widely expected that over time distinct portfolios would emerge with Chandra spearheading MLÆs...
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