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Readers put their questions to Frank Modulus, our resident Cigar Guru.

Which is the greater smoke, the Punch Diademas or Salomones with Cuaba bands?

Punch and Cuaba are both cuban cigar brands with two different tastes. Diademas and Salomones are figurados, a shape whose richness and aromatic strength enjoys considerable success nowadays. The Punch Diademas has not been produced for over 10 years; I believe youÆre referring to the Diademas Extra, which is a fine, very accessible smoke but quite a soft cigar. The Cuaba Salomones is made only as a Millenium limited edition, and itÆs a very good smoke, perfect to round off a dinner.

What is the cure for an over-humidized cigar?

I suggest to pull it out of the cigar box and leave it to rest and dry in an air-conditioned room for a few days. To avoid this problem, it should be stored in a good humidor and kept at right temperature of around 20C and 70% humidity.

Are cigars like champagne or like wine. Do they deteriorate after a time or do they forever improve?

Some Premium brands from Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Honduras can gain when aged and when kept under proper conditions as the tobacco will blend harmoniously to reach a peak level in aromas and flavours. Once again as for wine, after the peak level comes the downfall and very few can estimate the exact longevity of the blend.

Is humidor storage a viable way to revive an overdry cigar? Is there a better way or, perhaps, is there no way at all?

How dry is overdry? In the case of an overdry cigar with a loose/damaged wrapper, I am afraid the case is desperate. When the cigar is simply too dry, you should leave it in a very humid room or store it in a box at the bottom of your fridge.

Do you think the Opus X is overrated and why canÆt they be bought in Asia even though they are available in the US?

Opus X is definitely overrated. ItÆs just another example of a marketing story. Production is limited in order to keep the demand and high price. Opus X is not unique and you can have a lot of pleasure with other brands.

Last week I had a wonderful time enjoying a Henry Clay Mirabella kept for two years.

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