Maestro to launch managed futures fund

Maestro Capital Management have announced plans to launch the Global Maestro Fund.

Singapore based Maestro Capital Management, which specialises in managed futures investments, has announced plans to launch the Caymans domiciled Global Maestro Fund. The investment strategy operates by continuously monitoring price movements in over 80 global equity, financial, currency and commodity markets, analysing and measuring trends in order to reveal profit opportunities.

Nick Delf, Managing Director of the firm and formerly with UBS, believes the company has developed a unique process of asset allocation, which will stand up to the strong competition. Delf says managed futures is back on the map as a strategy and recent quarters have shown this, with strong performance from managed futures strategies.

The fund will use Citco Fund Services as administrator and Ernst & Young as auditors. Negotiations are being finalised with global clearing brokers.

The fund will have a $100,000 minimum investment and a 2/20 fee structure. Delf, expects the fund to begin trading with between $15 million and $20 million of seed capital on the anticipated launch date of Jan 1 2003.

The fund will target standard deviation of 10% annually which equates to an annual rate of return above 20% and Sharpe ratio of around 1.20.

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