Lobello joins CLSA

Chris Lobello joins CLSA as a risk and trading strategist.

Chris Lobello has joined CLSA Emerging Markets from Nomura International (HK). At Nomura he held the title of Head of Regional Quantitative Research for ex-Japan Asia. At CLSA he is the Risk and Trading Strategist. He will develop quantitative-based equity trading strategies primarily for CLSA's hedge fund clients.

CLSA becomes the latest firm to target hedge funds, which have seen a massive amount of interest in recent years. Once widely derided for being the cause of collapsing markets, now they are seen as perhaps the only investment product that makes sense while equity markets stagnate and the interest rate environment stays low.

Rob Morrison, CLSA's head of global risk products notes that CLSA was assembling a team, "to offer a specialist service to the absolute return fund market. This is part of our strategy to provide a co-ordinated approaqch to such funds."

Lobello has also worked at Caspian Securities, Barra, Fermilab and in the US Peace Corps.

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