Last call for predictions

Our FinanceAsia 100 prediction competition has received bullish responses. An iPod is up for grabs too.

Last week we launched our inaugural FinanceAsia 100 prediction competition, where we invite you our readers to predict what the level of our Asian blue chip index will be on Friday December 17 this year.

The index began 2004 at 1172, and the mean average so far of all the predictions received is 1384 - which suggests a 212 point gain from the start of 2004 to the end, which is an 18% gain. When we close the competition we will publish a final mean average, as well as the range (ie the highest and lowest level predicted).

We have decided to close the competition this Friday, the 16th. We have also decided that in addition to the case of champagne we will give to the respondent whose entry is closest, if any respondent actually picks the exact number (somewhat like getting a hole in one in golf, we admit) we will give them an iPod music player.

Entries should be made specifying a round number (ie no decimal points), and should be emailed to [email protected]

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