JPMorgan: credit where it's due

Ashley Bacon and Chris Nicholas get promoted as JPMorgan seeks to consolidate the strength its credit and rates platform.

Having run a single P&L across credit and rates since the beginning of 2001, JPMorgan has established a two man committee to oversee the entire platform and ensure that it functions as a fully integrated entity.

From the rates side, Ashley Bacon, currently rates and trading manager for Asia including Japan, will relocate from Singapore to Tokyo. His day-to-day duties in Hong Kong and Singapore will be taken over by Chester Kam.

From the credit side, Chris Nicholas, JPMorgan's personable head of Asian sales, trading and research will run the management committee on behalf of the bond and loan departments. In addition, he will also take on responsibility for credit sales and trading in Japan.

Both Nicholas and Bacon will report to Bart Broadman, who oversees the entire credit and rates business for region out of Japan.

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