Japan links up to State Street's e-Finance Network

State Street Corporation has launched a Japanese-language version of its e-finance network, Global Link, for global investment managers.
Global link is a central network offering clients access to e-finance applications and services such as market research, analytics and real-time trade execution services which have been developed across multiple asset classes, including equities, foreign exchange, fixed income and futures. The network also offers connectivity to multiple exchanges, brokers, bank counter-parties and other online trading venues.

Over 400 asset management companies are currently using the network. On the buy-side, clients span 23 countries and collectively manage over half of the world's professionally managed cross-border assets. Global Link's sell-side providers currently include 23 of the world's largest banks.

This move to include a Japanese language version should help Japanese fund and asset managers to trade electronically. "Japan's sophisticated investors are increasingly utilizing online research and trading resources for their cross-border and marketing-investing pensions investment needs," says Christopher J. Picciotto, head of Global Link in Japan and Asia Pacific.

"Providing a Japanese language version of Global Link will help accelerate the growing acceptance of electronic trading among asset managers in Japan, where about $20 billion of trades are made daily on the Tokyo currency market."

State Street Corporation currently has $5.8 trillion in assets under custody and $703 billion under management.