It's officially the Month of the Blue Cow

Ed Peter of Deutsche is hiring again.

2002 may be the Year of the Horse, but March is unquestionably proving to be the Month of the Blue Cow.

Ed Peter's resplendent blue cow - which grazes at the corner of the trading floor on the 56 floor of Cheung Kong Centre - will look on as Peter announces a raft of new hires.

Yesterday, FinanceAsia announced that Peter had lured equity salespeople, Gordon Crosby-Walsh and Elaine Yu from Salomon and Goldman respectively.Ed Peter's cow

Today, he brings on board Rupert Adams to run Asian equity sales for Europe; hiring him from the rump of WI Carr. He has also hired top Singapore salesperson, Wong Chok Kin from Merrill Lynch's office in the Lion City.

About nine others in sales and research are thought to have signed, or are on the verge of signing once their bonuses are paid out this month.

FinanceAsia will continue to bring you the latest news as and when they switch their allegiance to the increasingly mighty Blue Cow.

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