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HKEX introduces settlement acceleration platform for Stock Connect programme

The platform, HKEX Synapse, is aimed at adhering to mainland market’s T+0 settlement cycle and will begin testing in 2021 with pilot users for deployment targeted in first quarter of 2022.

Hong Kong Exchanges Clearing has introduced a new settlement acceleration platform called HKEX Synapse for its electronic trading platforms with exchanges in mainland China.

The HKEX Synapse is intended to help institutional investors participating in Northbound Stock Connect, the trading link that allows international investors to buy mainland Chinese equities via the Hong Kong stock exchange, to better manage their post-trade operations across different time zones, the HKEX said in a statement on Tuesday. In particular, it will help with regard to adhering to the mainland securities market’s T0 settlement cycle, or the same day of the trade.

It is an optional platform that is expected...

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