Get your head felt

Maria Hussain wants to come to your office to de-stress you with an Indian head massage.

Is the prospect of a U-shaped recovery getting you down? Are you worried about Nasdaq or the prospect of a Japanese meltdown?

Well, Maria Hussain, Indian head masseur to Asia’s investment banking elite, wants to take the stress out of your day. Maria will come to your office in Hong Kong and give you a 20-minute Indian head and shoulder massage.

Intrigued? I was. I met Maria in the ING Barings box at the Hong Kong Sevens, and she offered to come along and demonstrate her skill in our office. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how effective the massage was. My stress levels went into hiding during the 20-minute massage and stayed low for a while to come.

It is advisable to do the massage in a private room, as Maria prefers to play calming music as she works her fingers into the pressure points around your head, neck and shoulders. You would also feel a bit conspicuous getting it done on a trading floor.

The technique requires no oils, and Maria is a professionally trained masseur who learned massage in the International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies. When she’s not massaging heads, she teaches young children how to swim.

She already has clients at Merrills and Barings, but is open to new opportunities to de-stress Hong Kong’s financial elite. Call her on 9700 4294, or email her on [email protected]. She charges HK$150 for 20 minutes.