FinanceAsia Country Achievement Awards - Methodology

FinanceAsia has announced the coveted Country Awards for this year. The winners are the best commercial and investment banks in each country in Asia. Here we present the Methodology used in our selection.


What we asked for from those who submitted for the 2000 Country Awards

Institutions were asked to give submissions for their activities over the past year and were asked to provide information according to which category they were hoping to win. There were four categories:

Best Domestic Commercial Bank

Submissions should provide:
- Financials (most recent profits, non-performing loans, provisioning, return on equity, how many branches, do the financials show particularly interesting leaps percentage wise in the past year, quarter).
- A breakdown of where the profits come from (ie by business areas)
- Is your bank a æbuyÆ with a large number of analysts?
- Has the bank made any acquisitions?
- What is the broad strategy of the bank (including internet)?
- How did the bank fare through the crisis? Did it require government support?
- Has the bank been involved in any key transactions/loans that show its skill and commitment in its home country? Detail expertise in areas such as cash management.
- Testimonials from highly regarded local CFOs in the relevant countries will gain enormous credit

Best Foreign Commercial Bank

- Number of branches and headcount (how has this changed in the past year?).
- What are the key businesses the bank undertakes in the country?
- List the key transactional business executed by the bank eg important participations in a loan, an important in-country cash management mandate, an increase in the bankÆs custody business in the July-June period, trade finance etc.
- Has the bank made any acquisitions? How have they improved the franchise? Give details. (Well-executed and well-explained acquisitions will be given credit in the awards).
- How does the bank intend to use the internet to enlarge its franchise?
- Testimonials from highly regarded local CFOs on the bankÆs performance in the relevant countries will gain credit.

Best Domestic Securities Firm/ Investment Bank

- Financials (profits, size, return on equity, number of staff eg traders, salespeople, analysts etc).
- Market share (turnover of the local stock exchange).
- List of IPOs executed and particular role (eg lead manager).
- Participation in the local bond market. How many deals executed and for whom? Role?
- Has the firm merged or acquired any local entities?
- What M&A has the firm done on behalf of clients (how many people in M&A and corporate finance)?

Best Foreign Securities Firm/ Investment Bank

- What is your on-the-ground presence? Credit will be given for a significant presence.
- List number of staff and breakdown of what they do (eg 10 analysts, five professionals in corporate finance).
- Key deals executed in debt and equity and M&A.
- Is your institution an advisor to key companies/ the government/ a restructuring agency?
- How long has your institution been in the relevant country?
- Do you have any senior staff members who are well known within the country for their many years of expertise, connections, former jobs?
- Has the firm acquired any local players? How has the integration aided the franchise? Give details (credit will be given for details of successful integrations).
- Testimonials from satisfied clients will get credit.

Year 2000 Country Awards - Methodology
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