FinanceAsia Awards for Achievement 2003

Here we list the categories for our annual end of year awards, with submission dates.

FinanceAsia's end of year Achievement Awards are now the industry standard for recognizing excellence in Asian finance. We are pleased to invite Asia's leading financial institutions to submit for this year's awards.

Deadline for submissions are Friday, November 7. All submissions should be submitted by email to [email protected]

Deals that occur after November 7 can be included later, and can be emailed as supplementaries, up until the final decisions are announced at the beginning of December on this website.

Banks wishing to submit for this year's awards should look at the below categories, which are broken up into House Awards and Deals of the Year.

Please note: The below list does not include Japan and Australia. A separate list of the awards categories for Japan and Australia will be issued at a later date as these awards will not be published until our February issue.

House Awards

  • Best Bank
  • Best Commercial Bank
  • Best Investment Bank
  • Most Improved House
  • Borrower of the year
  • Best Equity House
  • Best International Bond House
  • Best Local Currency Bond House
  • Best High Yield Bond House
  • Best Loan House
  • Best M&A House
  • Best Equity-linked House
  • Best Mid-cap Equity House
  • Best Small-cap House
  • Best Brokerage House
  • Best Equity Research
  • Best Fixed Income Research House
  • Best FIG House
  • Best Telecoms House
  • Best Tech House
  • Best General Industries House
  • Best Financial Law firm
  • Best Cash Management House
  • Best Trade Finance House
  • Best Securities Lending House
  • Best Project Finance House
  • Best Securitization House
  • Best Global Custodian
  • Best Sub-Custodian
  • Best Private Bank

Deals of the Year

  • Deal of the Year
  • Best Equity deal
  • Best IPO
  • Best Privatization
  • Best Secondary Offering
  • Most Innovative Deal
  • Best Equity-linked deal
  • Best Mid-cap equity deal
  • Best Small-cap equity deal
  • Best M&A deal
  • Best Cross-border M&A deal
  • Best Domestic M&A deal
  • Best Overall Bond deal
  • Best Investment Grade Bond deal
  • Best High Yield Bond deal
  • Best Loan
  • Best Local Currency Bond deal
  • Best Domestic Securitization deal
  • Best International Securitization deal
  • Best Project Finance deal
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