FinanceAsia and Dealogic launch online league tables

In partnership with Dealogic, we are pleased to announce the launch today of a new league table section to our website.
In partnership with electronic information provider, Dealogic, we are launching a new league table section to our website, which will be updated on a weekly basis. You can access this page either by clicking on the link from the homepage, through the benchmarks section of the website, or by entering the following URL into a web browser:

The aim of the new section is to meet continued demand for independent benchmarks for the Asian markets. The tables presented will cover lead manager rankings for bonds, equity, M&A, syndicated loans and project finance.

Financial institutions throughout the world use Dealogic's databases for their research and league table statistics. The company, therefore, aims to be as transparent as it possibly can in its league table construction and has included a "criteria" button at the foot of each page. By clicking on this button, you will get a detailed explanation of eligibility and ranking criteria.

The league tables will be updated each week on a Friday and Dealogic will close submissions for inclusion on Thursday evening. Logging onto the site each Friday afternoon will, therefore, allow you to check which banks are hot, which ones are not and plan your alcohol intake for the evening accordingly.

All rankings are sourced from the Dealogic Analytics products range: Bondware, Equityware, Loanware, Projectware, M&A Global and Dealcal Analytics.

A complete set of League Tables for 2003 can be viewed here.