FinanceAsia 2000 Country Achievement Awards

FinanceAsia has announced the coveted Country Awards for this year. The

Welcome to the 2000 FinanceAsia Country Awards for Achievement. This is the fourth year that the awards have beegn given and as ever the competition has been fierce. The Country Awards are where FinanceAsia recognizes the achievements of foreign and local investment banks and commercial banks for their dedication to serving the local markets and the successes achieved in individual Asian countries. This year's awards reflects many themes that are being felt across the region. Foreign firms are putting deeper and deeper roots into the local markets - not just being 'suitcase' bankers, flyhing in and out from regional hubs. This localization of banking skills has also forced local firms to adopt best international practice and now the competition between local and foreign firms for domestic business is keener than ever.

Furthermore, with the eroding of commercial and investment banking distinctions, many institutions have won both the best investment bank award and best commercial bank award. This shows a corporate excellence at a board level which is reflected in an operational excellence at the commercial and investment banking levels. Check out below who are this year's winners, to whom we at FinanceAsia offer our heartiest congratulations.

Year 2000 Country Awards
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