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Exploring the investible opportunity in life sciences & healthcare in the Asia Pacific region

Based on bespoke research with investors, professionals active in life sciences and healthcare, and advisors who help in the dealmaking process, as well as an in-depth study of recent trends in the space, the Life Sciences & Healthcare Report 2023 from FinanceAsia in partnership with DFIN offers a succinct and yet comprehensive overview of the investible opportunity in a critical sector.

It has been a tumultuous time for the life sciences and healthcare space in the Asia Pacific region over the last three years. A post-pandemic boom saw a rapid surge in private equity buyouts in the sector through 2020 and 2021, followed by a sharp correction through last year.

However, 2023 promises to be a year in which life sciences and healthcare regains its spot among the top priorities of investors, with several macroeconomic, demographic, and digital adoption trends buoying interest.

To gain deeper insights into what the future holds for this critical sector, FinanceAsia in partnership with DFIN created the Life Sciences & Healthcare Report 2023. Our report is based on a study of the most significant recent trends in the sector so far; as well as a glimpse into what the future holds via bespoke research involving key stakeholders.

We surveyed nearly 70 investors, legal and financial advisors who are actively engaged in the space, as well as professionals operating in life sciences and healthcare companies across the APAC region, to obtain informed insights on the opportunities and challenges that come with investments in the sector.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • The life sciences and healthcare sector is expected to bounce back in 2023: After a challenging 2022 in which factors like rising interest rates and a post pandemic rationalisation saw a decline in interest in the space, respondents across categories demonstrate optimism about the sector’s prospects.
  • An overwhelming 80% of investors expect to be involved in a transaction (funding, M&A, public listing): Over the next two years, a vast majority of investors surveyed believe they will engage with the life sciences and healthcare space. This is particularly significant since only 40% have engaged in transactions in the sectors over the last two years. Among investors who have not associated with the sector so far, 100% are ready to invest, given the right opportunity.
  • APAC will receive increased investor focus: The regions aging population, rising pressure on the public healthcare systems in some markets, as well as a sharp increase in health consumerism and digital innovations are among the major factors driving investor interest. While the life sciences and healthcare space has underperformed in the region compared to North America and Europe, innovative solutions in this space will be embraced by the region’s digital savvy middle class population which is growing in affluence.
  • Investors expect heightened M&A activity and more foreign investment: This is particularly true of mature markets. Most investors (56.3%) expect to see a growth in both volume and value of M&As over the next two years.

Read the report for a comprehensive overview of the life sciences and healthcare space including:

  1. The verticals most likely to attract investor interest and M&A.
  2. The impact of a recessive climate on investment.
  3. The biggest opportunities within the life sciences and healthcare according to investors, advisors, and professionals.
  4. The most critical challenges that the sector is dealing with.
  5. A forward-looking view on the scope and potential of life sciences and healthcare in the APAC region.

The report is essential reading for investors engaged in or thinking of engaging with the life sciences and healthcare, companies operating in the sector looking for growth opportunities, as well as advisors serving the space.

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