DST International launches products and branding strategy

Flexible multi-currency, multi-lingual system seen as key to AsiaƆs unit trust industry.
DST International (DSTi), a financial services IT company known mainly for its asset management systems, has expanded its scope to the private banking, security trading and unit-trust areas – renaming its entire family of solutions the HiLife portfolio. All of the new and rebranded products take their name from DSTi’s most successful product to date, HiPortfolio.

HiPortfolio, an asset management system installed at many of the top investment management companies worldwide, including AXA and AMP, has now been re-focused as a back office processing system that, among other things, handles straight-through processing from order routing right through to reconciliation.

The OpenProducts range of solutions that included data warehousing, front office and reporting has been rebranded as HiInvest, and DSTi says it can now work as a stand-alone solution without having to be interfaced to a back office system, although it is built as an ideal front-end for the company’s own back office systems like HiPortfolio.

“Until now, depending upon the industry sector, DST International's marketplace recognition has been based upon one or two flagship products,” admits DSTi's Group Managing Director Mike Winn. But he says that with the expanded product range built through years of development, and some strategic acquisitions, the company hopes to raise its profile, particularly in Asia.

According to Asia Managing Director John Booth, HiTrust in particular will be a key product in Asia in re-shaping how mutual fund business is conducted in the region.  

HiTrust is a unit-trust administration system that features multi-currency processing and a multi-lingual interface. The product is focused on the Australasian and Asian markets.
"HiTrust has the ability to change the way a company operates and lift it to the first tier of client access and service in Asia. I have no doubt it will create a new benchmark for what is possible and, in turn, will place a great deal of pressure on existing systems and service providers. Already several major Asian companies have committed to HiTrust and are building their future business strategies upon what it is able to offer," says Booth.

DSTi is also moving into a new market sector with its HiWealth solution, which is tailored for the private banking industry. HiWealth’s aim is to seamlessly integrate asset management functionality, process control and process automation using browser-based internet technology. The product draws upon the functionality built into DSTi’s other solutions, but is designed from the perspective of a client or client advisor rather than that of a traditional portfolio manager.

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