Domi - I've changed my mind, I think this is best in funny money

Find out what is takes to be a bourse trader
Are you able to leap tall prices in a single bound, or place bids faster than sliding rupiah? Can you make a few million and look like you lost æem? Or else maintain a poker face when youÆve really lost æem? Manage all that and you may just be on the way to getting hired by Citibank to be a bourse trader.

And if you do, and do it well, you too can cut a fine figure in head to toe Armani. But getting there isnÆt easy, and tips can help. Here are some: the trendÆs your friend, so donÆt fight him. The market isnÆt intelligent, but your counterparts are. ôThe force that drives the stock market is investor mass psychology, not such things as corporate profits, interest rate trends or oil prices,ö Robert R. Prechter once said.

But despite all those tips, this reporter still managed to lose the equivalent of a small house in a simulated bourse game run by Citibank. Developed as a training program for Citibank foreign exchange and money market traders, the bourse game not only gives an insight to the life of a trader, but also the basic knowledge of the currency and money markets in Asia. Since 1998, Citibank has offered this training game to journalists to promote a better understanding of the intricacies, whims and favors of the market, not to mention the real life traders.

And so armed with a head full of spot and forward forex calculations and a position, this reporter bid, sold, lent, borrowed and hedged, or more accurately, procrastinated, begged and stressed for 3 days with 27 other journalists. Want to know the best tip I got? DonÆt give up your day job.áá