Deutsche's Korean promotions

The bank has appointed In-Suk Jung as its head of Korean trading and Kuen-Cheol Song as his deputy.

Both men will report to the respective regional heads of Global Market's trading and at a country level to Julian Kim, Head of Global Markets Korea.

Concurrently, In-Suk will continue in his existing role as Head of Emerging Markets Trading in Korea, reporting to Loh Boon Chye, Head of Emerging Markets and Credit Derivatives Asia. Kuen-Cheol will also continue as Head of Global Markets Finance in Korea, reporting to Pavan Sukhdev, the regional head of global markets finance.

"Both In-Suk and Kuen-Cheol have been instrumental in the growth and success of Global Markets' Korean trading activities in the last few years," says Kim. "With their additional responsibilities and vision, I am certain that Global Markets' trading activities in Korea will not only maintain its current leadership position, but will evolve to the next level of success."

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