Deutsche takes mores CSFB heads in Taipei

CSFB Taiwan equity head goes to Deutsche.

In a sign that the markets may be picking up, Deutsche has swooped on CSFB in Taiwan to take its branch manager and head of equities, Alex Lee.

Lee, who was made a managing director last year, has been with CSFB since 1998 when he joined as head of sales. He ran a team of 27 for CSFB in Taipei and continued to maintain a high profile sales role covering some of the region's top fund management accounts and their activities in Taiwan.

He joins a former CSFB colleague at Deutsche in Taipei. Johnny Lee was hired from CSFB in March to head Deutsche's corporate finance efforts in Taiwan.

As Oscar Wilde might have put it: To lose one Lee could be considered unfortunate, to lose two Lees might be viewed as careless.

Alex Lee had previously worked at Yuanta Securities, where he headed the international department and started his career as a journalist writing about technology.

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