Deutsche Securities hires equity head in Japan

Brandon Ginsberg will be responsible for the global markets equity business in Japan, including cash and derivatives trading and global prime finance.

Deutsche Securities Inc (DSI) yesterday announced the appointment of Brandon Ginsberg as head of global markets equity Japan, effective October 5.

Ginsberg will report regionally to Marzio Keiling, head of global markets Japan, and globally to Rob Karofsky and Garth Ritchie, who are co-heads of global markets equity. He will be responsible for the global markets equity business, including cash and derivatives trading and global prime finance.

During his 15 years of service at Nikko Citigroup Securities in Tokyo and Citigroup in London, Ginsberg gained experience in the Japanese equity business, ranging from cash sales and trading, programme and derivatives trading, prime finance and equity capital markets. He led the firm's equity business in Japan and served as a member of Nikko Citigroup's executive committee and the Citigroup global equity management committee.

More recently, during the past two years, Ginsberg was the chief executive officer at KBC Securities Japan where he was responsible for the overall business in Japan.

Marzio Keiling, managing director and head of global markets at DSI, said Ginsberg brings an "enormous understanding and experience of the equity business in Japan, as we continue to strengthen our Japanese equity business franchise".

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