Day two: fixed income research poll

So who is Asia''s best fixed income analyst?

By a clear margin, investors told us that the analyst they give highest marks to is UBS Warburg's Stephen Cheng. Regarded as someone who has an instinctive feel for the market, investors says he is able to get to the essence of the prevailing mood in clear and direct ways. UBS Warburg made him a managing director earlier this year, which was clearly a sign that the firm has recognised the vital contribution his research brings to their franchise. Cheng also won this award last year, and will be equally pleased to see his colleague, Charles Ooi likewise placed in the top 10.

As can also be seen, the ING team of Damien Wood (banks guru), Eden Wong (telecoms and conglomerates specialist) and Tony Watson (author of the original, and now legendary GH Water report that has turned water into wine for investors) have all done well and finished in the top five. Likewise savvy sovereign credit analyst Johanna Chua and her well regarded boss, Ivan Lee of Sollys have put in an excellent showing.

Asian Research table 4

In the banks category, the ascendant UBSW takes victory over ING by an ultra-slim margin, while ING wins the high yield category by one of the largest margins seen in any category.

Asian Research table 2

Asian Research table 5

Now in its sixth year, our fixed income research poll received its best ever response this year. We received 276 votes (up from 117 last year), representing around 250 institutions. These included asset managers, banks, and those making fixed income allocation decisions at private banks.

The full results will appear in the November 15 issue of FinanceAsia magazine. Institutions were allowed to vote for more than one house.

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