Day three: fixed income research poll

Fixed income investors rank which credit rating agencies most strongly affect their investment decisions in Asia.

Over the past few days we have revealed which banks are the best in Asian credit research. Finally, we also reveal the rating agency that investors feel most strongly affect their investment decisions. As with last year, investors could vote for more than one. And as with last year, the biggest number of votes was garnered by Standard & Poor's. It got 51% of the vote, closely followed by Moody's with 42%, with Fitch garnering the remainder. This is almost identical to last year, in which S&P also got 51% of the vote and won.

Asian Research table 9

Finally, when we asked investors how they preferred to receive credit research from investment banks, email attachment received 227 votes, versus only 65 for paper-based reports. Based on this number, the need for banks to incur hefty costs printing research looks to be on a declining trend.

Now in its sixth year, our fixed income research poll received its best ever response this year. We received 276 votes (up from 117 last year), representing around 250 institutions. These included asset managers, banks, and those making fixed income allocation decisions at private banks. The full results will appear in the November 15 issue of FinanceAsia magazine.

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