Cutting edge trading

ABN AMRO establishes a professional traders centre in Singapore.

ABN Amro announced Monday that it has opened a Professional Traders Centre (PTC) in Singapore. The centre provides trading technology and infrastructure to professional traders and hedge funds trading in the global exchange traded derivatives markets.

In promoting its facility, ABN AMRO describes it this way: The 24-hour facility, which connects traders to 13 global markets, provides trading and technology support as well as data feeds from Reuters, CQG and other third-party trading software providers. It has 38 spaces for individual Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) members and additional enclosed spaces for hedge funds and proprietary trading groups.

"We especially want to attract top hedge funds and proprietary trading groups from Singapore and around the world to our centre," says Steve Ng, managing director for ABN AMRO's futures operation in Asia. "We have the best facility to match their needs and can give them a competitive edge from day one by providing reliable, fast and global access to markets at a reasonable cost."

"We have expansion plans to double the capacity of our centre within the next six months," he adds.

Last month, ABN AMRO announced a series of key appointments within its Asian futures business that establishes Singapore as its regional operations hub, further strengthening the bank's position among the region's futures clearers.

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