Corr, what a night

CLSA has once again thrown the party of the year

CLSA_Corrs1How does Gary Coull manage it? Each year his CLSA Investor Conference hosts a gala party to celebrate the event. Last year, the party featured Tom Jones and appeared at the time to be an unbeatable feat of partying.

However, this year the broking firm turned up the volume and hosted the best party I have ever been to in Asia.

The Seven Deadly Sins party - featuring Irish band the Corrs and Cirque du Soleil performers - was, let us say, truly sinful. Different sections of the Hong Kong Convention Centre were dedicated to a different sin.

These different sections sported sin-based cocktails and theme food, while the central podium featured Cirque du Soleil performers, contorting their bodies and doing trapeze acts.

Coull made a brief speech to the 1500 or so assembled guests, but did not make the mistake of spoiling anyone's mood by even mentioning the words 'investment bank', 'fees' or 'give us them'.

CLSA_Corrs2At 10pm, the Corrs took the stage and performed their hits 'Breathless', 'Give me a reason' and took an encore with their track 'So Young'. Some inspired members of the crowd chanted "We like the one on the drums".

The Corrs played for around an hour, and barefooted lead singer, Andrea looked like she was rather enjoying herself on this her first visit to Hong Kong. Clearly she'd heard about the humidity as she was wearing the slightest of slips. Add this to the moments when she played on her tiny pipe and you can imagine no one was complaining.

When the Corrs finally wound up their act, one could be forgiven for thinking the whole thing was just about over. However, an angel then appeared, and a huge curtain fell at the other side of the room, featuring yet another stage.

Guests filed through to a huge dance party, replete with semi-clad denizens (of sin) dancing on the stage.

One very sinful denizen took an industrial constuction tool and went to work on the iron armour she wore around her nether parts. She consequently had a cascade of iron filings flying everywhere, to the delight of all.

A great deal of credit for this marvellous bash must go to Angelique Marcil, CLSA's head of marketing and communications. Marcil - who I am at pains to stress is highly cerebral - was the visionary force behind this party and secured the Corrs.

For my money, she and CLSA have thrown the party of the year.


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