Cooking with Otto

Solly''s research head releases a cook book to pass on culinary wisdom to fund management clients.

Iron Man athlete, research head and cordon bleu chef...

Otto Wong (profiled in FinanceAsia magazine's Who Is section in May) never fails to surprise. We bumped into him outside Exchange Square last week and discovered he is now sending his own cook book to clients as a Xmas gift.

The book features a picture of Otto and his wife Jen on their balcony, using their barbecue. Otto dishes out some of his favourite recipes such as BBQ Australian lamb with rosemary and garlic; warm oven roasted tomato and artichoke salad; and simple potato and pulsating pesto salad.

Warning: the middle dish requires Bocconcini, but if you can't find that Mozzarella will do.

Otto, whose day job is running Salomon's equity research department in Hong Kong, says: "Remember, it's a crime to overcook meat."

The book has been sent to clients, although to be completely honest it doesn't only feature Otto's recipes.

The book is a rather lavish affair called Cooking up a Dragon and features recipes from local Hong Kong celebrities like Maggie Q, Barney Cheng and David Tang.

Proceeds from the book are going to charity - to Operation Santa Claus, to be precise.

The charitable Wong took the decision to buy copies of the book for clients and put a Salomon dust jacket on the front.

Wong is featured in a section that chooses people from around Hong Kong with different careers. His two page spread is sandwiched between those of a nurse called Sau-E Ho and a bagpiper called Anthony Ho.

Wong is described by his friends as a long only cook. His benchmark is McDonalds.

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