Calling all fixed income investors

A magnum of champagne for the investor whose predictions on spreads come closest.

A magnum of champagne awaits the fixed income investor who can most accurately predict the spreads over US treasuries of the below bonds on September 2 (close of business, Asian hours).

  1. KDB 2006
  2. Petronas 2012
  3. PLDT 2009

Entrants must be fixed income investors from fund management houses, central banks or from the treasury departments of banks.

The competition is designed to see how investors fare versus a sample of Asia's five best fixed income analysts, who will also be invited to make their predictions.

Entries should be emailed to [email protected]√°and should arrive by Friday May 31 (deadline has been extended). In the interests of avoiding bogus entrants, entries will not be accepted from yahoo, hotmail or Bloomberg email accounts.

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