Asia's best managed companies: Day nine

We publish the results of our poll of Asia's top companies. Today, Hong Kong.
Our annual poll of Asia's best managed companies saw us poll the region's investors and analysts. Here are the results for Hong Kong, with the numbers denoting votes received.

Best managed
1. Sun Hung Kai Properties 42
2.Esprit Holdings 23
3.MTRC 21
4.Li & Fung 16
5.Hang Seng Bank 12
6.Melco International Development 11
7.Cheung Kong Holdings 9
8.ASM Pacific Technology 8

Best corporate governance
1.Sun Hung Kai Properties 29
2.MTRC 27
3.Esprit Holdings 25
4.Li & Fung 14
5.Swire Pacific 13
6.Hang Seng Bank 12
7.Melco International Development 11
8.Giordano 9

Best investor relations
1.Sun Hung Kai Properties 24
2.MTRC 23
3.CLP Holdings 13
4.Esprit Holdings 12
5.Melco International Development 12
6.Sa Sa International Holdings 10
7.ASM Pacific Technology 9
8.Hang Seng Bank 8

Most committed to a strong dividend policy
1.Hang Seng Bank 23
2.Esprit Holdings 21
3.Swire Pacific 17
4.Giordano 15
5.ASM Pacific Technology 13
6.Sa Sa International Holdings 12

Best Mid-cap
1.Singamas Container Holdings 15
2.ASM Pacific Technology 11

Best Small-cap
Automated Systems Holdings 14

Best CFO
1.Frank Sixt (Hutchison Whampoa ) 17
2.Lincoln Leong (MTRC) 11
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