Abdul goes to London

CSFB''s "king of the spreads" is to relocate to London in a bigger role.

Last year FinanceAsia held a competition to determine who was the "King of the Spreads" by asking the region's top fixed income research analysts to forecast where a series of Asian bond spreads would go in six months. The winner was CSFB's Abdul Hussain, whose margin of error was a mere 12.36%, and who beat out eight fellow analysts and eight bond investors to claim victory.

Little wonder then that Hussain is now set to leave Asia and relocate to London for bigger role within CSFB. He will now be head of all credit research written outside the US timezone. That is to say anything that is not written within the United States or Latin America.

He will still be responsible for Asian credit research, but it will only be one part of his empire, with Europe obviously looming large with a far greater number of credits to research.

On a day to day basis Asian credit research will be run by Imtiaz Shefuddin and Jae Ahn.