2001 Achievement Award Submissions

We are pleased to invite Asia''s leading financial institutions to submit for FinanceAsia''s end of year Achievement Awards.

Deadline for submissions are Friday, November 9. All submissions should be submitted by email to [email protected]

Deals that occur after this date can be included later, and can be emailed as supplementaries, up until the final decisions are announced at the beginning of December on financeasia.com

Banks wishing to submit for this year's awards should look at the below categories, which are broken up into House awards and Deals of the Year.


Best Bank          
This award recognizes the bank that has achieved the most, both in the field of commercial banking and investment banking. Our final decision in this award is based on how well the respective bank has done in various of the other below categories.          
Best Investment Bank          
Presentations should demonstrate the bank's successes this year in M&A, equity capital markets and debt capital markets. Banks should also demonstrate their geographical diversity.          
Best Equity House          
This award is designed to reward the bank that has done the most in equity capital markets in 2001. It is a primary market not secondary market award.          
Best International Bond House          
This award is focused on houses raising international debt for Asian borrowers in dollars, euros and yen.          
Best Local Currency Bond House          
This award is designed to reward the house which has the strongest pan-Asian commitment to the local currency bond markets.          
Best Syndicated Loan House          
Houses should demonstrate not only how active they are in arranging loans for Asian clients, but also the significance of individual loans and repeat business.          
Best M&A House          
The best M&A house will have been involved in most of the key deals this year. Major credit will be given to those houses which have initiated the key transactions, or which have organized highly professional defences. Conversely, failed transactions will be ajudged negatively.          
Best Convertible Bond House          
Volume of deals, innovation, variety and geographical diversity will all be considered in giving this award.         
Best Brokerage House          
Houses that wish to win this award will produce testimonials from major institutional clients praising their service.          
Best Equity Research          
Houses should demonstrate their standing in various polls as well as including information about the breadth of their research and new hires. Critical to our decision will be for houses to submit what they regard as their three best pieces of research published in 2001 and to select their five best market calls.          
Best Fixed Income Research House          
Our forthcoming fixed income research poll will be used as the basis for this award.          
Best FIG House          
Houses must demonstrate their M&A activities for financial institutions as well as their dominance in bank capital raising.          
Best Telecoms House          
Banks should demonstrate the depth and quality of the teams they have working in the telecoms area. In a difficult year for this sector, they should demonstrate their involvement in significant transactions.          
Best Tech House          
As above.    
Best at Small Cap IPOs
The house which is doing most to help bring small and medium-sized Asian firms to the equity markets. Firms should demonstrate deals they have done, and their aftermarket performance, demonstrating how they have helped both client and investors.
Best Capital Markets Law firm       
Law firms should indicate their league table standings and stress the key roles they played in the most important transactions of 2001.        
Best Foreign Exchange House          
A poll will be conducted on our website to determine this award.          
Best Cash Management House          
A poll will be conducted on our website to determine this award.          
Best Trade Finance House          
A poll will be conducted on our website to determine this award.          
Best DR house          
This house is designed to reward the leading house at arranging depositary receipt programmes for Asian clients. Market share of existing Asian ADRs and forthcoming mandates should be emphasized.          
Best Securities Lending House          
Market share in this area should be emphasized.          
Best Project Finance House          
Track record, resources, deals and overall commitment to Asia should be emphasized, as should involvement on particularly innovative transactions.          
Best Securitization House          
Both its geographical breadth of experience and the house's commitment to improving the quality of Asia's securitization market will be taken into consideration when giving this award.          
Best Global Custodian          
Emphasis should be placed on the scale of your business, and how Asia fits into the overall picture specifically.          
Best Sub-Custodian          
Presentations that demonstrate local presence and the manner in which clients are served will be rewarded. The results of other polls may be incorporated in presentations. Client testimonials will also be useful.          
Best Private Bank          
Shortlisted private banks will contacted directly.      
Best House at Small Cap IPO's      
This award recognises the house which has done most to promote the listing activities of small cap companies. It is primarily a primary markets award, but will also take secondary markets performance into consideration.  
  • Deal of the Year          
  • Best Equity deal          
  • Best IPO          
  • Best Privatization          
  • Best Secondary Offering          
  • Best Equity-linked deal          
  • Best Overall M&A deal          
  • Best Cross-border M&A deal          
  • Best Domestic M&A deal          
  • Best Syndicated Loan          
  • Best Overall Bond deal          
  • Best Investment Grade Bond deal          
  • Best Non-investment Grade Bond deal          
  • Best Bank Capital deal        
  • Best Local Currency Bond deal          
  • Best Asset-backed deal          
  • Best Project Finance deal        
  • Most Innovative deal
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