Too much money chasing China distress

Funds are rapidly raising cash to invest in soured Chinese loans but a few leading private market investors question whether the capital can be put to work profitably.
October 16, 2017

How to avoid the pitfalls in private credit

Steer clear of mezzanine in Asia and China NPL funds, says Hamilton Lane. The private markets investor's ideal credit portfolio is a blend of special situations and direct lending.
October 08, 2017

China eyes expansion of bad loan ABS

Regulators look set to give more commercial banks the option of securitising their bad loans this year. But the move could weaken asset quality in the market.
January 25, 2017

How M&A debt doping could hurt China’s banks

Chinese firms are taking out more debt on sometimes already leveraged balance sheets to support M&A even as Chinese banks see bad debts mount. What could possibly go wrong?
February 17, 2016

Watch out for NPLs in Vietnam

Given that exports are sure to slow, so will foreign direct investment, and increasingly it looks like there will be a rise in non-performing loans.
January 28, 2009

China's NPLs show rich pickings

But to get more deals, foreign bankers will have to learn to share their profits say Mainland observers.
February 27, 2005

Asia's NPLs tumble

Nearly $1 trillion of dud loans have been resolved since the crisis, according to Ernst & Young.
March 22, 2004