MS&AD’s re-entry into China life insurance poses challenge

Japanese firm was the dark horse in race to buy CBA’s stake in a Chinese life insurer. While it celebrates its surprise win, it will do well to remember clinching the deal is just the opening skirmish in a battle to crack the market.
May 23, 2018

MS&AD spends $1b to cash in on industry woes

The Japanese insurer thinks it has spotted a way of benefiting from the sector’s travails as some of its peers sell portfolios in the face of Solvency II and low interest rates.
October 06, 2017

MS&AD lands knock-out blow for First Capital

The Japanese were prepared to pay up for a heady mix of Asean exposure, commercial insurance and control of a profitable company. A refreshing change from past deals in Asia.
August 24, 2017

Sinar Mas won't proceed with follow-on offering

A restrictive floor price and the lack of a track record in its life insurance joint venture force the financial arm of Indonesia's Sinar Mas group to cancel its planned equity capital raising.
February 15, 2012