London's future: The City changes course

A growing litany of scandals is challenging London's position as never before. With capital fast building up in Asia itself, what role does The City have in the future?
August 26, 2012

HKEx's LME bid raises hackles in London

At its heart, HKEx’s successful bid for the London Metal Exchange (LME) demonstrates Asia’s ability to take long-term strategic positions, while the West scrabbles around for short-term infusions of cash.
June 17, 2012

HKEx chairman slams dark pools

Ronald Arculli joins the ranks of those criticising alternative trading platforms for creating an unfair playing field.
December 10, 2009

All change for Asia's exchanges

Globalization and the internet are forcing huge changes in the way stocks are issued and traded in Asia. But there''s a danger stock exchanges could become too lax as they transform their role.
June 07, 2000