Indonesia eyes euro, Samurai return

The sovereign plans to tap both the euro and Samurai markets this year — and could sell three global bonds within the next six months.
January 09, 2017

India seen as last BRIC standing

Analysts and arrangers increasingly bullish on rupee-denominated bonds judging by the mood at FinanceAsia's latest Annual Borrowers and Investors Forum in Singapore.
October 29, 2015

World faces dollar squeeze: Redward

Economist Peter Redward predicts US dollar strength due to a gradual decline in the supply of greenbacks to global capital markets.
July 16, 2013

Much ado about currencies

Volatility in international currency markets creates headaches for Asia’s treasurers.
May 31, 2010

Weak dollar is good for Greater China markets

A lack of reserve currency alternatives means there won't be a dollar crisis, but the greenback could stay weak throughout 2010 creating profitable trading opportunities.
June 24, 2009

The role of the dollar called into question

Following suggestions by China's central bank governor for a new world reserve currency, S&P takes a look at why the dollar is so dominant in the first place and what are the potential alternatives.
April 23, 2009

How US quantitative easing is impacting China

The Fed's quantitative easing policy sets the stage for liquidity expansion and monetary easing in China, but will also result in lower returns on China's investments in US Treasuries.
April 22, 2009