The challenge of being CICC

China''s premier investment bank has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. CICC has come a long way in its short history but now faces huge competitive challenges.
November 07, 2005

Nokia's China challenge

China is Nokia''s second biggest market, but the financial regulations under which the company has to operate are not in line with its importance as a market.
September 08, 2005

Meeting the Asia challenge

Asia''s cash management landscape is challenging CFOs, treasury captains and their bankers. But providers are picking up the gauntlet.
August 31, 2005

China's currency challenge

Cleaning up China''s forex regime is the best way to achieve a soft landing, says Frank Gong, JPMorgan''s head of research and chief economist for China.
July 19, 2004

JapanÆs T+1 Challenge

Director of sales and marketing at Wilco International discusses the opportunities presented by the shortening of the settlement cycle.
March 14, 2001