carbon trading

Cultivating a sustainable, carbon-free future

Momentum for decarbonisation across Southeast Asia is growing, as more market players pay attention to their carbon footprint, and countries transition towards net zero. With a low-carbon future in sight, Singapore is positioning itself at the heart of the region’s efforts to sustain its future.
September 06, 2022

Cloudy outlook for carbon markets

Carbon market participants are downbeat on future expansion thanks to global politicians' failure to make any binding decisions in Copenhagen in December. Maybe it's time to rethink the United Nations' role in climate change management.
March 03, 2010

The truth about carbon trading

After a debate at FinanceAsia over carbon trading, we turn to an expert to ask these key questions: Is this a bubble that has burst? And will the world reach a climate agreement in Copenhagen this year?
March 29, 2009

Japan torn on carbon trading

The first meeting of Japan's new government advisory panel on climate change was convened Wednesday, but the development of a national carbon trading scheme could be some way off.
March 05, 2008