A question of time

It isn’t a question of whether China’s property market is a bubble, but when it will burst.
September 07, 2010

Indian stock market in bubble territory in 2010

The Indian stock market is expected to continue its rally in 2010 on the back of strong GDP growth, high inflation and loose US monetary policy, raising the possibility of a bubble forming, according to Noble Group.
January 03, 2010

Dubai finds a way through the economic crisis

Niche businesses like Islamic finance and family offices will contribute to Dubai's growth, says the head of business development for the Dubai International Finance Centre.
February 05, 2009

Japan fading

Japan's economy has improved little since its bubble burst 20 years ago, suggesting it is time for policymakers to introduce some capital markets-inspired dynamism.
August 14, 2008

Capital injections needed to save US banks

Richard Koo, chief economist at the Nomura Research Institute in Tokyo, discusses the grim parallels between the US and Japan, including the need for unconditional capital injections.
March 30, 2008