Belt & Road to Brazil? China buys another port

State-owned China Merchants Port agrees to buy controlling stake in TCP, operator of Brazil's second largest port, as Beijing extends its influence to another debt-laden country.
September 04, 2017

Chinese banks tiptoe overseas

CCB’s first purchase outside of Greater China illustrates the cautious strategy of Chinese banks as they expand overseas. CCB’s acquisition of Brazil’s BicBanco was years in the making, took advantage of a slowdown in Brazil’s economy and was reasonably priced.
November 02, 2013

Brics “mania” over, says Ruchir Sharma

Morgan Stanley’s global macro and emerging-market equity chief Ruchir Sharma says investors must avoid the big Bric markets in favour of smaller markets such as Thailand.
May 21, 2013

GLP sells new shares to fund Brazil acquisition

The Singapore-listed provider of logistics properties raised $339 million to cover its share of a $1.45 billion acquisition with partners GIC, CIC and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.
November 15, 2012