Sara Wells Associates announces merger with Taylor:Bennett

Sara Wells Associates, a marketing communications search firm has strengthened an informal association with UK-based Taylor:Bennett, to create Taylor:Bennett Asia.

Formal merger will take place on June 17 when Sara Wells the founder and head of Sara Wells Associates becomes head of Taylor:Bennett Asia and a member of the board of Taylor Bennett, a UK specialist corporate communications headhunter.

Sara WellsThe two firms have been working closely together since early 2001 enabling both to access a larger cross border talent pool and maintain information exchange between the regions. Clients that have already benefited from their association include Dow Jones and Morgan Stanley.

Working alongside the petite and bubbly Wells will be Vanessa Pepper who joined the firm in April, plus long-time employee Shook Liu and Yee Wong.

Commenting to FinanceAsia, Wells says that the move, "will strengthen the position of both firms and increase the capacity for growth across Asia. As we worked together, the tremendous synergy in our respective businesses and the advantages of joining forces became increasingly obvious."

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