Regent Pacific's internet ventures under a new name

Where there''s risk, there''s opportunity. From Russia to the internet, Regent Pacific''s biggest investment is now Korea.

Regent Pacific, the maverick fund manager that made its nameáfrom Russian and Eastern European investments, is reinventing itself on the internet. Deputy chairman Peter Everington saysáthe future of the company, called iRegent, liesábeyond the cyber frontier.

Q Why change your business

A The business that we're in has changed hugely. Regent Pacific became iRegent two days ago. We made that change because we're investing in technology. We have a subsidiary called KoreaOnline KOL - a financial portal, in which we own 46%. And the value of KOL is at the moment twice that of iRegent.

Q What are the figures

A KOL is now worth $507 million. iRegent's market...

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