NOL appoints Cheng Wai Keung as deputy chairman

Cheng Wai Keung has been promoted from executive director to deputy chairman of Neptune Orient Lines.

Cheng Wai Keung has been raised to deputy chairman from executive director at Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) in Singapore. His new post has been vacant since June 1999 when Lua Cheng Eng, the then chief executive and deputy chairman of NOL, became chairman and Flemming Jacobs took over as chief executive.

"Mr. Cheng has an extensive background in business development and this expertise, plus his experience helping to guide NOL from Singapore's national shipping line onto the global stage as a world-class transportation and logistics company, will stand us in good stead into the future," says Lua.

Separately, Marvin Girouard, chairman and chief executive of US retailer Pier 1 Imports, and German banker Dr Friedbert Malt have been appointed non-executive directors of NOL.

All three appointments were effective 1 July.

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