League table roundup February 24

A lacklustre week in the Equity Capital Markets while the Debt Capital Markets pick up the pace.
Equity Capital Markets

It was a subdued week in the equity capital markets last week with $232 million raised from 12 issues. Goldman Sachs continues to sit at the top of the league table rankings with $2 billion from eight deals, followed by Nomura and Barclays Capital.

Union Bank of IndiaÆs $112 million fully marketed follow on accounts for almost half the weekÆs issuance and was led by Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Enam Financial Consultants, Goldman Sachs, SBI Capital Markets and Kotak Mahindra Finance.

Debt Capital Markets

The debt capital markets stirred back to life last week with $798 million raised from three deals. Citigroup leads the field in the league tables with $1.2 billion from four trades, while Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse round out the top three.

Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank printed a $300 million trade for IndiaÆs NTPC, allowing the German house to climb up to second place in the league tables from fourth position last week. Barclays also crept up a couple of notches to snare fifth place from seventh the previous week.

A $300 million deal for Shinhan Bank was also priced last week under the lead of Barclays Capital, BNP Paribas and HSBC. Both BNP Paribas and HSBC currently sit outside the top 10 rankings.

Roadshows start today for the Republic of IndonesiaÆs offering that is said to be around $1 billion. Barclays Capital, JP Morgan and UBS are the bookrunners and should see their league table rankings improve considerably

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