League Table Round Up May 7

Another quiet week in equity, while Barclays soars up re-configured debt league tables.

Equity Capital Markets

It was another relatively quiet week in the equity capital markets with only a handful of deals completed. None of the top six bookrunners were active this week, meaning that Goldman Sachs continues to hold top spot in the region.

The US house is closely followed by two of its counterparts, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch in second and third respectively. Kotak Mahindra Finance continues to ride the Indian equity wave and squeezed into seventh place with $1.3 billion.

Credit Suisse First Boston was pushed back down into eighth, but trails by just $7 million.

Debt Capital Markets

Just one international G3 trade was priced this week, the $1 billion issue for Kingdom of Thailand. This deal propelled bookrunner Barclays Capital up the table into fifth spot from ninth.

In the process the UK house moved ahead of Morgan Stanley, ABN AMRO, HSBC and Credit Suisse First Boston. Citigroup continues to lead the way with $1.7 billion credit, just over $100 million ahead of second place UBS.

Deutsche Bank is further back, just ahead of JP Morgan in fourth.

This week sees the launch of re-vamped league tables for debt capital markets. Previously we ran combined league tables for domestic and international debt. We have now split the two sectors apart and will run one league table for all domestic deals and one league table each for G3 investment grade debt and G3 non-investment grade debt. We believe this gives a better indication of the spread of business across Asian debt capital markets.

Barclays currently sits at the top of the investment grade league tables for G3 debt, while Deutsche is top of the top of the non-investment grade table. On a combined basis, Citi is currently top of all G3 debt, based on the fact it has high positions in both tables.

Taking the domestic markets into consideration, KDB ranks top followed by HSBC. The latter's strength across all markets means that currently holds the number one slot for domestic and international debt across Asia ex-Japan.

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