JPMorgan lifts Garg from FPK

Firm appoints new head of the Asian banks & financial services research team.

JPMorgan has announced the appointment of Sunil Garg as head of Asian banks and financial services research, replacing Craig Turton who has left the firm.. Based in Hong Kong, Garg will report to Jose M. Linares, JPMorgan's head of Asia-Pacific equity research.

Garg moves across town from the Hong Kong offices of Fox-Pitt Kelton, where he ran the banks team for six years. His experience also extends to a London-based equity sales position and a stint as an Indian banks analyst. Prior to these positions, Garg began his career as a banker with HSBC in 1989.

Garg reports for duty at JPMorgan on April 15, and according to Linares, he is a thought leader in his sector.

"Under Sunil's leadership, I believe we now have an unparalleled line-up in the sector- both in terms of breadth of coverage and quality," he says.

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