Facix rises 0.7 points to 74.0, Zee Telefilms up 15%

The FinanceAsia Composite Internet Index (Facix) closed 73.99 points on Thursday, March 15, up 0.68 (+0.93%) from the previous trading day.

Biggest gainers

ZEE Telefilms Limited  14.78%
Asiacontent.com  9.09%
Neowiz Corp  5.56%

Biggest losers

Sina.com  -6.25%
Rediff.Com India Ltd  -7.41%
WHEREVER.net Holding Corp.  -13.04%

To account for the Nasdaq and NYSE traded stocks, the Facix is calculated the following day, Hong Kong time.

The Facix is an index of 57 Asian "pure-play" or "intimately pure-play" internet stocks created and maintained by FinanceAsia, the leading capital markets magazine in the region.

The base currency for the Facix is the US dollar. Its value was set to 1000 on 3 January 2000, the first trading day of the millennium. The list of constituent stocks is available from [email protected].

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