Dealogic League Table Round-up October 26

Korea takes center stage this week, as the euro forges ahead!

Equity Capital Markets

Asia (ex Japan) ECM volume stands at $2.4bn via 16 deals so far this week compared to the $3.4bn via 22 deals completed in the previous week.

Korean issuer Celltrion Inc completed a $792m follow-on via Credit Suisse and Citi in what is the largest Asia (ex Japan) ECM transaction this week.

Asia (ex Japan) Healthcare ECM volume stands at $190.5bn via 1,370 deals in 2018 YTD, down from $219.8bn via 1,720 deals in the same 2017 period and the lowest YTD volume since 2014 ($181.8bn).

Goldman Sachs leads Asia (ex Japan) ECM market with $15.2bn, followed by Citi with $12.5bn and Morgan Stanley with $11.6bn.


Asia (ex Japan) ECM Bookrunner Rankings - 2018 YTD
1 Goldman Sachs 14,977.6 62 8.27
2 Citi 12,113.4 70 6.57
3 Morgan Stanley 11,396.3 49 6.21
4 China International Capital Corp Ltd 10,502.0 38 5.76
5 China Securities Co Ltd 9,613.8 41 5.32

Debt Capital Markets

Asia (ex Japan) international DCM totaled $2.7bn via 6 deals this week, compared to $7.0bn via 20 deals in the previous week. 

The largest deal of the week goes to TNB Global Ventures Capital with $750m proceeds via BNP Paribas, CIMB, Citi, and HSBC.

In Asia (ex Japan) International DCM, Euro-denominated bond issuance has reached its largest with $22.0bn via 56 deals compared to second largest in 2017 YTD with $16.6bn via 30 deals. This contrasts with decreasing USD-denominated bond issuance this YTD with $200.0bn via 422 deals compared to $267.0 deals via 465 deals in 2017 YTD.

HSBC leads the Asia (ex Japan) international DCM league with $23.0bn. This is followed by Citi with $16.0bn and Standard Chartered Bank with $12.6bn.


1 HSBC 22,497.5 194 8.37
2 Citi 15,506.7 121 6.01
3 Standard Chartered Bank 12,316.4 118 4.54
4 Bank of China 11,204.9 119 4.24
5 DBS 10,021.8 97 3.78


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