Brexit: last chance to have your say

As the votes are counted in Britain's historic referendum, we invite readers to have their say on one key question - what effect would a Brexit have on Sino-British relations?

The votes have been cast, the polls have closed and Britain is on a knife edge. The world is waiting with bated breath for the results of a historic referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union.

But one question that won't become clear for some time - in fact may never be settled if Britain votes to remain - is what the effect a British departure from the EU would have on burgeoning relations between London and Beijing.

Britain's government has been wooing Chinese investment in an attempt to boost its flailing economy, while Chinese corporates are eager to hedge against a domestic slowdown and build their international prestige by snapping up trophy assets abroad such as House of Fraser and toy store Hamleys.

We've been asking readers what effect Brexit would have on Sino-British relations. You have a chance to have your say by clicking here. We'll close the poll on Friday afternoon when the verdict from Britain is declared ... assuming there is a clear-cut result ... and will post the outcome on the website.

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