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  • December 2011/January 2012

    December 2011/January 2012

    'Tis the season I suppose we’re supposed to be jolly, but it’s difficult not to be worried. As you can see in our cover story and the awards write-ups, much of 2011 was marked by market closure. It seems entirely likely that 2012 will be similar, given that Europe is nowhere ...

  • November 2011

    November 2011

    Fingers crossed Scandal after scandal has shown us that banks shouldn’t be taking a fingers-crossed, hold-your-breath and wait-and-see approach to risk. And we all know the official word is that they are not. Rather, banks have put comprehensive, cumbersome protocols in place to ...

  • October 2011

    October 2011

    What’s that sucking sound? Europe’s woes are everyone’s problems. And ourcover story, written by Nick Lord, details how Europe’s politicians are scuppering any chance of a meaningful resolution. Instead, they are prolonging the agony for themselves — and Asia. ...

  • September 2011

    September 2011

    Are you on the list? Our annual rich list compilation is always a bit like driving slowly past a road crash — you have to look, even if you really don’t want to. And right now, as many question if we’re on the precipice of yet another recession, you might not want to know ...

  • August 2011

    August 2011

    A poignant reminder This month should be a celebratory issue as we highlight some of the high-powered jobs in finance that are held by women. And indeed, reading the cover story is inspiring. The list of accomplishments are impressive, and perhaps for Sameera Anand and me (who wrote the ...

  • July 2011

    July 2011

    The luxury of summerThis month, IÆve felt as if we are a fashion magazine, given the companies we have been covering ù from Prada to Samsonite, which both beg references back to LÆOccitane, we have been focussing on high-end, consumer goods. They certainly sell here in the brand-name conscious ...

  • June 2011

    June 2011

    Financial policeIn our cover story this month, Nick Lord talks to the acting-undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence. ThatÆs the US TreasuryÆs top cop. HeÆs the man charged with the responsibility of trying to shut down access to international finance in places where sanctions ...

  • May 2011

    May 2011

    Block trades matterAsiaÆs investment banking business is all about equity capital markets. Not surprisingly, then, there is increasing competition among banks to capture all ECM business, including the block trades. UBS and Morgan Stanley used to rule this business with Citi, Credit Suisse and ...

  • April 2011

    April 2011

    Trend settersOur cover story focuses on the privatisation of Europe. Asia has the liquidity but will it be interested in the assets? Given that Europe is a forced seller, Asia can afford to be selective and demanding. To help you, weÆve included a handy pull-out map of the deals to be focussed ...

  • March 2011

    March 2011

    Betting on ChinaIn our cover story, we look at how investment banks all over the world are queuing up to form securities joint ventures in China ù and we question their worthiness. The consensus seems to be that even if in the short-run you see no real benefit on the league tables, itÆs worth it ...

  • February 2011

    February 2011

    When it rains it poursAs we go to press with our Australia and New Zealand awards write-ups and photos from the celebratory dinner in Sydney, Australia continues to be bashed by natural disasters. Floods, a cyclone, bush fires ù all are plaguing a nation that is otherwise blessed with natural ...

  • December 2010/January 2011

    December 2010/January 2011

    May we repeat it again!Our publisher, Jonathan Hirst, just bounded into my office with the blueprint (pre-print run) of the magazine in hand. ôItÆs been a good year for deals,ö he said, having read through all the awards. Indeed, it has. While corporations were focused on finding a window to ...

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