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  • September/October 2018

    September/October 2018

    Southeast Asia's future solution to smart traveling Grab tells FinanceAsia how it plans to help Southeast Asia countries develop smart cities. What are Australia's most exciting startups? Australia is home to many promising young companies that are ready to disrupt the ...

  • July/August 2018

    July/August 2018

    Are your investments ready for a 5G world? The new standard in mobile communications will open up a wide range of exciting new technologies ... and China is leading the way Charting a course to A SE Asia logistics BOOM Hong Kong’s Kerry Logistics sees huge potential in countries ...

  • May/June 2018

    May/June 2018

    China’s e-payment war goes offshore The battle between Alipay and WeChat hits Southeast Asia. Data privacy is likely to take a hit Port operator plots course to growth Philippine’s ICTSI rides wave of infrastructure spending Funding the Philippines’ ambitions The ...

  • March/April 2018

    March/April 2018

    Ahead in the cloud How to get a piece of Asia’s data centre boom Finance minister of the year We rank the people handling the region’s purse strings Electric dreams hit the road in china How autonomous driving will change the way we invest Bank on a genetic future How ...

  • January/February 2018

    January/February 2018

    After a hot streak in 2017, what’s will 2018 have to offer? Ties with China are growing under Belt & Road The city struggles to find its role as China looks outwards Balancing the risks and rewards of Belt & Road Insurer China Life seeks acquisitions, avoids ...

  • November/December 2017

    November/December 2017

    China’s big initiative is taking shape – here’s what investors need to understand Our survey on Belt and Road reveals some big misconceptions and surprises on the way ahead. From unicorns to companies that are still in first gear, we look at big ideas that could ...

  • September/October 2017

    September/October 2017

      Passing on the baton: A new generation of tycoons takes the wheel in Asia Rich list 2017: A surprise name tops our annual list of dividend recipients Asia’s best Private banks: Award winners from countries across the region From Japan to the ...

  • July/August 2017

    July/August 2017

    Two early birthday gifts landed in Hong Kong’s lap ahead of the 20th anniversary of its establishment as a special administrative region (SAR): a bond trading link and a credit rating downgrade. Together they illustrate the prosperous yet potentially hazardous links that bind the ...

  • May/June 2017

    May/June 2017

      T he age of infrastructure is upon us.  Around $26 trillion is needed to fund infrastructure in developing Asia Pacific from now until 2030, according to Asian Development Bank estimates. This is hardly a new problem; emerging Asia’s people have long struggled against ...

  • March/April 2017

    March/April 2017

    There are few better examples of the importance of China than the magazine you’re holding in your hands.  Although FinanceAsia continues to be an English-language publication, we have translated a selection of our China-focused articles into Mandarin. This ensures that delegates ...

  • January/February 2017

    January/February 2017

      As we head into 2017, investors could be forgiven for feeling more than a little nervous.  They have just endured a year in which the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, the US elected Donald Trump as president, a volatile strongman took power in the Philippines, ...

  • October/November 2016

    October/November 2016

      FinanceAsia has once again taken a close look at Asia’s richest families, compiling an annual list that gives our readers a unique glimpse of wealth accumulation at the very top. There are some interesting changes. Cheng Yu Tung surged to the top after taking  $1.17 ...

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