Why ECM buoyancy is a double-edged sword for Asian PE

Why ECM buoyancy is a double-edged sword for Asian PE

The chance to turn paper profits into hard cash is a boon for the region's private equity funds. But the opportunity for major investors to make money elsewhere weighs against them.
A new wave of investment pours into Asian education services as the region's rising middle class looks to spend more on its children's future.
The traditional meeting place of East and West presents itself as the international hub for China's global initiative. That won't work if the city's unique attributes are ...
Investors are looking on with a degree of concern as private equity managers cut deals at soaring valuations.
Abrupt departure of lender's most senior China banker, Mervyn Chow, triggers leadership shake-up – just three months after the last changes. Chow is set for a private ...
Hong Kong-listed sportswear retailer Pou Sheng plans to go private so it can make the investment and take the risks needed to catch up with China’s ecommerce boom.


What do you consider the biggest black swan risk of 2018?

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A coordinated regulatory crackdown over data protection stalls the growth of fintech
Political woes derail Indian PM Modi's reform efforts
One of China's biggest conglomerates collapses, triggering systemic fallout
An unprecedented cyberattack drains cash from a previously unhackable financial institution
Surging electricity consumption from bitcoin mining disrupts global energy markets
A stunning technological breakthrough, such as the singularity, changes how we all live ... and invest


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